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Your Life & Career Accelerator Bundle Is Here

Download the tools you need to quickly evaluate what’s holding you back and expand out of stress, overwhelm, and fear.

Your Life & Career Acceleration Bundle comes with:

  • Your Career Assessment – this interactive quiz will show you where your gaps are and what strategies to use to close them and step into new levels of success and flow. (valued at $350)
  • Your Level-Up Masterclass – this live 60-minute session will teach you the 5 perspective-shifting habits to follow to tap into higher levels of calm, clarity, and confidence. (valued at $500)

Life & Career Accelerator Bundle


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Meet the Mentor Behind Your New Momentum

Lynn Donaldson

As the Founder & CEO of ConnectA Strategic Solutions, Lynn knows all too well the challenges people face trying to navigate business, career, family, and personal life.

Her unique approach to working with life science companies extends well beyond boardrooms and laboratories – her powerful mindset work is what helps launch teams not just accelerate results, but do it every time.

From mastering mental resilience, to breaking through conflict, to understanding the right ways to communicate to spur action – Lynn’s strategies are known to unlock teams and individuals to strive for more.

If you’d like to learn more about Lynn, her innovative work, and the results she’s been able to achieve, please visit

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